I. Waste & Recycling

IFKA provides waste recycling and resource efficiency consultancies for industrial, institutional partners and municipalities. We transform our clients’ waste management practices to an environment friendly, economic process. We help to identify waste prevention and recycling targets for our partners and also in reaching those. We are in the vanguard of establishing a  circular economy.

IFKA assesses waste generated on site and advices on all aspects of waste hierarchy: prevention, reuse, recycling. We offer waste recycler partners and services, provide bids for decision making. We introduce the required waste collection system, train workers on site, monitor the operation of the new system on request. Our clients can reduce environmental costs and emissions through our service. Waste is value, believe us!

  • Collection
    IFKA is able to advise on aspects of waste collection. We develop, design and optimize the waste collection system on our clients’ sites. With our help you can introduce a sorting system that helps your company to decrease environmental emissions and save costs. Taking into account that the selective waste collection is not only environmental but also an economic issue, we design system elements according to both.
  • Recycling
    IFKA experts can help your company in waste recovery target setting and achievement with their broad expertise and network. We can advise not only on the available waste treatment (recycling) technologies, but also use our extended partner network. Between 2010 and 2012, we involved more than 800 companies in the creation of our database. Several of the collaborations created by IFKA are still ongoing. 
  • Procurement
    If your company is looking for recycled or waste material, IFKA is the right place to ask. The circular economy concept promotes the use of by-products and waste in manufacturing and production. IFKA helps you to find partners who can be your waste supplier, let the project be small or large. Handcraft projects, reuse and upcycling workshops can find their material provider through us. Construction projects looking for recycled construction and demolition waste (already in secondary material status) are also offered our matchmaking service. We can find the right partner with the right waste that you need for the realization of your project. 
  • Prevention
    The best waste is the waste that doesn’t exist. Sometimes only an idea or a behavior change can prevent waste production.  Paper waste in the office or green waste in the kitchen are easily reconsidered and cease to be waste with a simple innovation. IFKA helps you to create and introduce those innovations and prevent waste generation. Set the target of zero waste, we can help you to reach it! We offer training for industrial partners and event managers to highlight practical steps that can be taken on personal and company level to prevent waste production. Direct your company to a sustainable operation!
  • Study visits, on-site tours
    We often face the lack of information regarding waste collection and treatment. This topic is still surrounded with mysteries. What happens with our garbage after the truck takes it? Where does it go? What kind of sorting, cleaning techniques, methods exist? This knowledge is important in incentivizing citizens and contribute to the design of a conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We organize on-site visits for companies, groups and schools to waste treatment plants, according to their interest. Study tours offer new information for children and adults. Ask for an individual offer!

II. Policy and strategy

In the framework of international and national projects IFKA assists and expresses its’ opinion in the waste planning and strategy making. Our services cover the preparation of company waste management plans, guidance in the preparation of waste prevention programs and action plans. We offer training in the development of waste management plans and waste prevention programs. We monitor Zero Waste (NUHU) Network’s operation and promote the tools they develop to their member municipalities.       

III. Sustainable business

IFKA is committed to sustainability and energy efficiency side. Within our sustainable business services, we highlight environmental emissions of the company that is necessary for responsible and sustainable decision making. In order to reduce carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency, the first step is to understand our clients’ impact on the environment. We help companies in assessing the carbon footprints of different products and technologies, and give advice on how key assumptions and parameters can shift any analysis either in favour, or against, a given solution.  

  • Cost-benefit analysis
    Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is one of the key tools to enable us to evaluate the impact and relative advantages of different policy options.
  • Life cycle assessment
    Organisations are increasingly concerned about the impact that their activities, products and policies have. Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is a key decision support tool in this area.
  • Sustainability report
    Sustainable development goals focus on three areas of sustainability: economy, environment and society. IFKA experts give advice in environmental sustainability plans and reports preparation to local governments and corporate partners.


Green Economy
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June 29, 2023
Stratégiai együttműködési megállapodást írtak alá az IFKA és a KAVOSZ, valamint az IFKA és a VOSZ képviselői a magyar mikro-, kis- és középvállalkozások működésének támogatása, illetve fejlesztési törekvéseik megvalósításának elősegítése érdekében. A partnerségek elsődleges célja, hogy a hazai kkv-szektornak szóló finanszírozási és szakmai támogatási eszközök átlátható módon, egy helyen elérhetőek legyenek az IFKA közreműködésével, amely a vállalkozásfejlesztési intézményrendszer továbbfejlesztésével még több magyar vállalkozást kíván elérni célzott támogatási programokkal.
Green Economy
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